Newspaper in the Newspaper is News

We made it into the local papers!



Oor News… coming soon!

So! The beast awakens!

Gabi & Phil are proud to be working on the next Oor Monsters instalment, this time, as part of the Look Again 2018 festival.

Oor Monsters VI will take the form of a “newspaper” exploring Aberdeen & its stories, facts, figures, memories & uniqueness. Gabi & Phil are creating & curating new monstrous content, enlisting the help of local & international illustrators & creatives to make a fun & engaging free newspaper (3500 copies being printed).

As part of the festivals “Seed Fund” projects, we’ve been given the opportunity to test this newspaper as a potential regular creative product for Aberdeen’s artists & invited guests… it’s really exciting! so! we can’t wait to show you more when we’re ready to!