Oor Monsters IV – September 12th – 21st 2015

Gabi & Phil will be showing their latest creations in the Oor Monster series (IV) during the NEOS 2015 week.  For the 2 weekends during NEOS, Gabi & Phil will be at Oriel Art, Easter Skene, Westhill talking to visitors about their installations & work, as well as running workshops, inspired by some of the creative processes that went in to making the Oor Monsters 4 show.

The installations comprise of sculpture, drawing, painting & interactive elements. Gabi & Phil have decided not to show too much before the show, as not to spoil some of the surprises in the woods awaiting intrepid visitors.

Oor Monsters IV - Workshops

Gabi & Phil & Daughter Poppy & Cousin Ailsa will be running several workshops over the course of Oor Monsters 4 during NEOS.

They will be adding more details in the next few days – but here’s what they have planned so far :

Oor Monsters Workshops during NEOS 2015
Workshop Date(s) Time Time Time Cost Age
Bead Dragonflies with Poppy Sat 12th & 19th 11.30am 2.30pm 3.30pm £6 pp 8yrs+
Bead Dragonflies with Poppy Sun 13th & 20th 11.30am 2.30pm 3.30pm £6 pp 8yrs+
Simple Found Stick Monster Making Sat 12th & 19th 12.30pm 4.00pm £3 pp 5yrs+
Simple Found Stick Monster Making Sun 13th & 20th 12.30pm 4.00pm £3 pp 5yrs+
Painted Monster Blocks (1 hour) Sat 12th & 19th 2.00pm £6 pp 6yrs+
Basic Arduino interactivity (1 hour drop ins) Sun 13th & 20th 2.00pm Free 8yrs+
Monster Jewellery (1 hr After school) Tue 15th 4.00pm £10pp 8yrs+

Some workshops have a fee to cover costs of materials etc. Arduino Drop In sessions are basic introduction to electronics & arduino. No materials will be given away for this workshop. If you are interested in any of the workshops or have any questions, please use the form below to get in touch with us.



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